Performance Wristies®

The accessory for ALL musicians.

  • Keeps hands and fingers warm for outdoor/cold environment playing.
  • Improves circulation to avoid and help protect injuries
  • Provides total dexterity through its 360 degree "free finger" design.
  • Removes moisture from the hands through "moisture wicking".

Performance Wristies® were designed to keep hands and fingers warm by heating the lower arm, wrist, and lower hand.  Heating these areas provides warmer blood to run through the players fingers thus keeping the hand and fingers at a more safe, pleasant, and dexterous temperature.


"I love wearing Wristies. They are great before an outside performance for me because I get cold way too easily! I also like to wear them in the fall and winter even when I'm not playing! A must have product for musicians and people who have cold hands!"

— Dalea Cherie

"Wristies are a must have for every musician, not only do they serve a function, but they look COOL, I catch myself wearing them even if I don't play"

"Wristies are the ideal way to keep my hands warm in cold or drafty situations, allowing me to perform at my peak. It's something EVERY musician should carry in their case."

— Sharon Isbin,Grammy Winner; Director: Guitar Department; The Juilliard School,

"I love my wristies, it's so comfortable to play in. I usually have hand and wrist aches, but it's almost like a wrap that stops you from misusing your wrists. Does that make sense to you? I don't know, but I always play in mine, and i'm so glad I found them and you! Here's to the end of carpel tunnel problems!!"

— Anthony "Smooth Groove" Joyner

" The greatest advantage that I have found using Wristies is that not only are my hands and wrist kept warm but I can continue to play my instruments without the sound being affected whether I'm playing flute, tapping on the side of my didgeridoo or playing any of my percussion instruments"

— Peace & Rhythm, Pablo, Percussion And Lungs

“I've been using them for years now to keep my wrists and forearms warm while I'm practicing the drums.  Really great as a precautionary method in avoiding muscle strain and stress.”

"Another FABULOUS discovery was "Wristies"... They have removable heat packs, as well, which are superb for outdoor gigs. So far as I'm concerned, every harp sold should come with a pair."

" --we play violin and viola in a string quartet. Both of us sometimes have trouble getting 'warmed up' on our instruments when the weather gets colder and we are in colder buildings. It's really important to have warm hands or one can risk injury."

"My daughter will use them when warming up for violin performances - she gets nervous, which makes her hands cold... Musicians know all about nervousness/ adrenaline/ performance anxiety causing cold hands!"

"Wristies: They are fingerless gloves, that cover the tendons. Unlike other gloves where you chop off the fingers, there is no material between your fingers. It is a natural feel."

"I've been having carpel tunnel issues and as a baroque violinist, that's a huge problem/issue. My [cellist] friend … gave me her pair of Wristies to use while we rehearsed and I had no problems with my wrist these past two days of rehearsal. I love this product … I'm recommending them to all my musician friends."

"I got to think that they could be a hot item for musicians (not pun intended), because you can wear them and still play, while you can't play when you are cold. In the meantime I'm going to order another pair to keep in my viola case!"

"Wristies are perfect for cold weather bagpiping!"